• BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers

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Breeding Objectives & Philosophy


Our ideal GSP is a natural athlete, with the drive, stamina and versatility that enable it to function efficiently in any of Southern Africa’s environments. It is a fast, hard hunting dog with an adaptable, but good ranging capability, excellent nose, high intelligence and outstanding game-finding abilities. It must be co-operative and trainable, possessing strong pointing, backing and retrieving instincts with a liking for water. A passionate retriever, it will track and retrieve wounded birds or game, and follow the blood track of larger game for the handler to recover. A good GSP should do all of this capably, and much of it to a very high standard with a minimum of sensible training and handling. Finally, it must have a natural affinity for humans that makes it a devoted hunting and family companion capable of providing years of pleasurable companionship and, despite being a fairly high energy dog, it should possess a kind and equable temperament.

We selectively breed only one or two litters per year, with very specific objectives in mind. As a consequence we only occasionally have puppies available. It is not our intention to facilitate puppy sales, but rather to make contact with potentially like-minded people who can relate to what we are trying to achieve, who will do justice to our puppies by being prepared to train them, to put them through the relevant Club Tests, to compete with them in Field Trials wherever possible and most importantly to love them and to hunt over them.


We are founder members of the Western Cape Field Trial Club, which was established in 2000 to offer Field Trials for pointing dogs in the Western Cape. Consequently, as a complementary objective, we hope to be able to continue to grow our club membership by placing many of our puppies and other quality puppies of all pointing breeds with Wingshooters from the Western Cape.


We do offer informal training classes in our personal capacity to owners of our puppies and include other dogs and handlers to the maximum extent that our limited time and resources allow.
Should you for any reason in the future be unable to keep a puppy acquired from us, be dissatisfied with it or have to give your dog up in later years, we will take it back or re-home it without question.
On request, we would be very happy to refer you to the people who know our dogs best – the hunters and field trialers alike, who own, love and hunt with them. It is as important to us as it is to you that you make the correct decision as to whether or not our dogs are the type of versatile gundog that you require.


If we are unable to help you, we would be pleased to refer you to other reputable breeders and clubs. But in the end, it is you, and you alone who must choose a hunting companion for the next decade. We would advise that you do not blindly accept the first puppy that is made available to you. It is your right to do your homework thoroughly and to choose wisely - as the inimitable George Bernard Shaw put it, "Take care to get what you like. Otherwise you may be forced to like what you get."

Looking Back
Our commitment and primary objective has always been to maintain the traditional versatile qualities of the German Shorthaired Pointer as a premier roughshooter’s dog that can do it all – and do it all well. In addition to this we also wanted exciting field performance, a goal that was not, and is not, in any way contrary to our principal objective. Our first dog and subsequent dogs, our wingshooting and hunting, our exposure to field trials and tests worldwide and to other specialist breeds and their field trials have all shaped our vision of the ideal GSP. Our imports have been researched and obtained in order to make this vision a reality.


Early on we understood that this would not be a short term undertaking, but would take many years, and would take commitment when obstacles and disappointments arose along the way – as they will in any breeding program. Fortunately, the successes make it all worthwhile, as do the many new hunting and other friends that we have made with the owners of our dogs and with many of the other “dog” people that compete in field trials in South Africa. We are delighted to count amongst our friends many of the people that we have met and made contact with overseas!?

Unfortunately though, as in just about every walk of life, the introduction of anything new or different is perceived as a threat to the status quo by some, which inevitably leads to conflict. This is a great pity, and not our intention, but we nevertheless remain totally committed to doing what we believe to be for and in the best interests of the breed. As we have always tried to do, we will continue to take the wonderful advice from Shakespeare’s Hamlet"This above all – to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man"

In our quest for the appropriate bloodlines to complement our local stock, there were a number of options available to us, but each with potential shortcomings. We felt that German bloodlines would

undoubtedly have strong versatility, but because hunting opportunities in Germany differ vastly from ours, their Hunt Test system does not specifically select for the field attributes we wanted. The American Field Trial system on the other hand, places much less emphasis on versatility, and focuses very strongly on fieldwork. Being determined to enhance the qualities we wanted without compromising natural versatility, we carefully researched and selected the best Field Trial strains from America that also had proven versatility or a strong component of recent German breeding in their pedigrees. Our current bloodlines are based on longstanding successful family strains and strain combinations that fulfil these requirements. It is important to understand that we are not creating anything "new" but are simply taking advantage of the foresight and hard work of the many successful and respected breeders that have brought these dogs and family strains to where they are at today!


Our first import, in the form of frozen semen from DC/AFC (USA) Trekker V Grunbaum MH TDX CDX, was sourced because of the dedication and success of the line of dogs from the Hillhaven Kennel of Dave and Janice Hill. Their dedication to the Dual GSP and the German heritage resulted in many Dual Champions for them and also culminated in the breeding of dogs from the Hillhaven Kennel of Dave and Janice Hill. Their dedication to the Dual GSP and the German heritage resulted in many Dual Champions for them and also culminated in the breeding of


DC Hillhavens Hustler, who subsequently sired at least 5 Dual Champions and is currently a significant genetic component behind most of today’s top Dual, NAVHDA and some NSTRA (National Shoot to Retrieve Association) kennels. Only about 5 out of every 12,000 GSP’s born in the USA ever become a Dual Champion, and Trekker, along with his full brother and two half-brothers were Dual Champions capable of competing at the top in US Gundog Field Trial stakes. By the age of 2 Trekker had already earned his Dual Champion title and went on to be nationally ranked amongst the Top 10 Gundogs and Amateur Gundogs that year. Trekker was an outstanding individual and had a proven record of production and we took the plunge and brought his semen halfway around the world to use with our first GSP.


When we looked for a female to import to use with the Trekker offspring, we decided to go with German bloodlines in the US that were also competitive in Field Trials. The Von Hainholz Kennel of Daisy Schapheer was well proven in Field Trials with direct German imports (KS and DC Ybold Rothenuffeln, FC Lux vom Goldbach) – and these bloodlines (as well as other German bloodlines) were a proven successful combination with Hillhaven’s Hustler in trials and in the NAVHDA tests. We brought in two Von Hainholz females, one of which (CH Von Hainholz Mesquite of Bhulisa) has been an outstanding addition and producer for us. We also acquired semen from a newer German import in that kennel, DC/AFC (USA) Bodo vom Waldrand MH. "Blitz" has been the only German-bred US Field Champion since the mid-80’s and he was an outstanding hunting dog with speed, a good hunting pattern and excellent nose. Our offspring from these dogs are still fairly young, but we are very encouraged by the initial results – total versatility with drive and stamina, natural ability and a number of them are showing us truly exceptional gamefinding skills!

We imported our latest female, Gamble's Safari, to complement our current dogs. Gamble is a linebreeding on Hustler and the Greif/Wildburg dogs of the highly successful Walnut Hill Kennels. Genetically, she brings in an outstanding field bloodline and allows us to build on the Hustler side of the family while maintaining a fairly strong presence of German breeding. We were so impressed with Gamble’s overall qualities, especially her nose, bird sense and trainability, that we decided to bring in semen from her sire, FC and NSTRA FCH (USA) Gambles Odyssey Fritz (an outstanding dog in his own right) to use with one of our other females, Libby.

Finally, with help from a friend in the US, we have obtained semen from two exciting dogs,
1) FC/AFC(USA)Cadens Coupe Deville (Cooper), who combines the most successful older Danish bloodlines (Moesgaards and Dixielands Rusty) that are still at the fore today in Field Trials with a very successful line of field and NAVHDA dogs (Cadens Kennels and Shooting Starr GSPs). This is a proven and successful combination with similar Danish field lines and with the Hustler/Greif bloodlines and we hope that we will have similarly positive results, and 2) NFC/FC/AFC (USA) Dunfur’s Where You Ben, who is the 2004 All-Age National Champion. “Ben” comes from an exceptional Field bloodline comprising multiple National and Reserve National Champions, numerous Field Champions, and both his dam and granddam were Top Field Producing Dams of the Year. Ben has the same sire as Cooper in addition to other common Danish bloodlines.

That brings us to where we currently are. We look forward to doing justice to the legacy that the breeding behind our dogs brings to South Africa and to continuing to compete with these dogs and their offspring in all spheres of field competitions and tests. Even more importantly, we look forward to many happy and productive years of hunting over, and producing, fine German Shorthaired Pointers.
We are indebted to the breeders and individuals in the USA who have helped us, given advice and trusted us to do the right thing by their dogs. Thank you to David B Deioma, Daisy Schapheer (Von Hainholz Ranch Kennels), Larry O Felt, Rick Hopkins and Brenda Roe (Walnut Hill Kennels), John Rock, Ryan Quesenberry, Dan Hoke (Dunfur Kennels), Dave Quindt, Steve Ries (Top Gun Kennels), Caleb Bryson (Boxa Kennels) and Ed Delker.