• BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers

2017 News !!:

Bhulisa dogs had a great year in Field Trials and in SAVHDA tests! We’d like to brag a lit...
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Bhulisa SAVHDA Results 2017:

SAVHDA Tests Our dogs have done well in SAVHDA testing, showing their true Versatility! ...
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Bhulisa Field Trial Results 2017:

2017 Bhulisa Field Trial Results: We had a very successful year in Field Trials, winning ...
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Bhulisa Field Trial Results 2015:

TEAM BHULISA - Field Trials 2015 Very proud of the way the dogs performed throughout the ...
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Dexter Snips Whiskey
 (Imp USA)
FC AFC (USA) Snip's Sixth Sens Wyatt MH 
#1 Gundog 2012
DC/AFC and 3x NSTRA CH (USA) Gamble's Odyssey Fritz MH UT(II)
2009 Runner-up National Amateur Gundog Champion
DC AFC (USA) Odyssey's Sam Saint Max MH  #1 Gundog 2000 HOF
DC (USA) Kurzhaar's Ruger v Haven SH
DC AFC (USA) Odyssey's Saint Blitz MH
3 x NSTRA CH (USA) Gamble's Low Country Miss
King's Styling Tazmanian
Gamble's Boogie Woogie Layla
Gamble's Rip-N-Izzy SH
NSTRA CH (USA) Gamble's Bad Rip N Chip
NSTRA CH (USA) Snip's Ticked Off
Evolution's Bad Banane
Snip's Snappin Sally SH
NSTRA CH (USA) Gamble's Rip-N-Logan
Snip's Ginger Snap
NFC FC (USA) Whiskey Run's Star is Born 2007 National Shooting Dog Champion
NC (USA) GK's Nuke It
2006 National All-Age Champion
FC (USA) GK's Ramblin Danny
FC (USA) I Like That Joker
Platte River's River
Leibmeister's GK's Chely
FC (USA) KJ's Hightailing Saddle
LB's Ohi Miss Goodbye
HiPoints Kassidy Kid
FC AFC (USA) Ravenwood White Knight
FC (USA) Buck Von Cap
Ravenwood Fine Line Jill
FC AFC (USA) LB's Ohi Megabuck
FC (USA) Abingdon's Solo Cajun
LB's Ohi Cricket
Bhulisa Stormberg
FC AFC (USA) Cadens Coupe Deville NA(II) 
FC (USA) Burr Oaks Hoosier Buddy
FC AFC (USA) Burr Oaks Big Jake
FC AFC (USA) Moesgaard's Dee Dee Jackson
FC (USA) Big Oaks Bumper HOF
Willoway's Whistling Dixie
FC (USA) Dixieland's Rusty HOF
FC AFC (USA) Willoway Deejay's Jessie
Cadens Girdy
Windrow's Saddle Tramp MH NA (II) UT(II)
FC (USA) KJ's Hightailing Saddle
FC (USA) Brittsland's Special Day
Shooting Starr's Mandy SH NA(I) UT(II)
CH (USA) Shooting Starr's Top Gun MH NA(I) UT(I)
Shooting Starr's Wind Walker MH NA(I) UT(II)
Bhulisa Masai Mara NA AdvNAB (II)
Bhulisa Great Kei NA AdvNAB (I) FTW  AI
DC AFC (USA) Bodo V Waldrand MH (German import)
KS Arco V D Sieben Brunnen
Nixe V Huenenbrink
CH Bhulisa Trekker's Legacy NA FTW  AI
DC AFC (USA) Trekker V Grunbaum UDX TDX MH HOF
CH Jagveld Katie Of Bhulisa NA FTW
CH Von Hainholz Mesquite of Bhulisa NA FTA (Imp USA)
Duke V Hainholz IV MH
CH (USA) Ybold's Jaeger V Hainholz MH
Stacey V Hainholz SH
Grunwald's Tessa V Hainholz MH
DC AFC (USA) Bodo V Waldrand
Lady Chelsay Melvina Ayko