• BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers

2017 News !!:

Bhulisa dogs had a great year in Field Trials and in SAVHDA tests! We’d like to brag a lit...
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Bhulisa SAVHDA Results 2017:

SAVHDA Tests Our dogs have done well in SAVHDA testing, showing their true Versatility! ...
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Bhulisa Field Trial Results 2017:

2017 Bhulisa Field Trial Results: We had a very successful year in Field Trials, winning ...
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Bhulisa Field Trial Results 2015:

TEAM BHULISA - Field Trials 2015 Very proud of the way the dogs performed throughout the ...
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South African Titles

NA - Natural Ability tested and passed and recognised by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA). NAC behind the dog’s name means the dog has passed the identical test on a Club level only, for instance, dogs that passed this test prior to official recognition by the KUSA or if the Club results are not yet official.

FT Ch (RSA) – South African Field Trial Champion (Hunt Point and Retrieve breeds), recognised by the KUSA and by the National Field Trial Association (NFTA).

CH – South African Show Champion, recognised by the KUSA.

American Titles

DC (USA) – Field Trial Champion and Show Champion.

FC (USA) – Field Trial Champion.

AFC (USA) – Amateur Field Champion. Standards for Amateur stakes are identical to other stakes, except professional trainers and handlers may not participate in these stakes and the dog must be owned and handled by an amateur.

NFC (USA) – National Field Trial Champion - the winner of the annual GSP National Field Trial. The title is awarded to the winner of the Gundog Stake, the All-Age Stake, and the Amateur Stake (NAFC).

NSTRA FCH (USA) – National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSTRA) Field Champion. A number before the title indicates the number of times the dog has qualified as a Champion.

MH – Master Hunter in American Kennel Club (AKC) Hunt Tests.

NA(I) – NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Natural Ability Test with a Prize I, II, or III.

UT (I) – NAVHDA Utility title, an advanced versatility test, with a Prize I, II or III.

CH (USA) – American Show Champion.

German Titles

KS – German Field Champion (Kleeman Sieger), fully tested for all versatile abilities and conforming to a high standard of conformation.

Derby (I) – The basic field test (Spring Youth test) for GSPs that are less than 15 months of age. Dogs that pass are awarded a Prize I, II or III, depending on their scores.

Solms (I) – The German breed test (Autumn test of advanced natural ability) for dogs that are less than 2 years of age. This is a versatile test in which dogs that pass are awarded a Prize I, II, or III. If a dog is older than 2 years and has not been tested or passed the Solms test, a similar test, the AZP (older dog breeding test) may be administered with a Prize I, II or III.
All GSPs in Germany must pass both the Derby and the Solms (or AZP) before they can be used for breeding!