• BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers

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PLANNED LITTERS - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies - GSP Puppies

We breed very selectively and usually only produce one or two litters of GSP puppies a year. Our litters are therefore often booked in advance and there is usually a waiting list. However, preference is given to people who intend to work and hunt over their dog, and who can show that they are prepared to commit the necessary time and effort required to training. It is important to us that you get the most out of your dog, not only for your own utility and pleasure, but also in order that the dog can be evaluated in one or more of the various test formats, if at all possible. We try to place a sufficient number of pups from every litter in the Western Cape to help us grow the Western Cape Field Trial Club, to enable us to see the results of our breeding at first hand, and to help raise the general awareness of the training, use and testing of German Shorthaired Pointers.

Our dogs and litters are registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), and may be cross-registered with the National Field Trial Association (NFTA) if desired. When looking for or purchasing a pup, please ensure that you only acquire dogs from recognised SA Registries: either the KUSA or the NFTA! This will allow you to maintain the breeding and bloodline integrity of your GSP, and also allow you to compete in any venue you wish!

If you are looking for a working GSP, you should try to look at litters where the parents are proven in Tests or in Field Trials. SAVHDA (the South African Versatile Hunting Dog Association) offers a series of versatile tests countrywide and all results are on their website. The tests range from a Junior Versatile Hunting Test (natural ability) to Advanced Versatile and Utility Tests. Field Trials are offered in various parts of the country, and the results are usually obtainable from the field trial clubs. A very basic Natural Ability Test is also offered through some of the field trial clubs. Health is also important, and breeders should be able to provide proof of  the testing that they have done. Hips and Lupoid Dermatosis screening is important for GSPs.


If we are unable to help you within your required time frame, or feel that there is a better fit for you elsewhere, we will be glad to refer you to other breeders or clubs.
Please contact us for availability of GSP puppies, or for more information about the litters, on 082 924 7440  or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 2018/2019 Planned Breedings
Litter 1: Strike  x  Silver (litter expected mid-December 2018)

Sire: Bhulisa Ulrich “Strike”SAVHDA NHT(3)

Hips A2:A2, Lupoid Dermatosis non-carrier

(Dexter Snips Whiskey (imp USA)  x  Bhulisa Stormberg “Eva”) 


Dam: Gamehunters Mithral of Bhulisa (Silver) HPR Open Stake Awards

Hips A2:A2, Lupoid Dermatosis non-carrier

(Bryson's Bhulisa Hun "Attila" NA (imp USA)  x  Bhulisa Vallkyrie "Storm")


Strike and Silver are both excellent, biddable hunting dogs with pedigrees to match. Silver has placements and awards in HPR field trial Open Stakes, and has qualified for the National Championship. She is a very trainable dog with medium range, natural ability and an outstanding nose. Strike has passed the SAVHDA Novice Hunting Test with very little formal training. Bob no longer field trials, so Strike does not compete in them – however, in Bob’s words “Strike is the best and most complete GSP I have ever owned”. That is high praise indeed. Strike is a big running GSP with big nose and all the versatility one could ask for.

The combined pedigree is stacked with Field and Dual Champions, as well as National Champions also coming in on both sides. Combined with our German-derived dogs, this gives us the exciting field performance and high versatility that we strive for.

This is a repeat mating of a litter that produced Bhulisa Edelweiss - the only pup in that litter. Edelweiss has a Prize 1 in the SAVHDA Junior Versatile Hunting Test, a Prize 1 in the SAVHDA Novice Hunting Test and HPR Maiden stake awards. She is very biddable, with a huge hunting drive. We are hoping for more puppies similar to her!

 Litter 2: Taita II  x  Edelweiss (planned for mid-late 2019)

Sire: CH Gamehunters Taita of Bhulisa  “Taita II”SAVHDA NHT(2), HPR Ft Awards

Hips A2:A2, Lupoid Dermatosis non-carrier, SAVA Eye Certicate G0306

(USA Dual CH FC Trekker V Grunbaum  x  Bhulisa Lemm “KC”) 


Dam: Bhulisa Edelweiss "Edelweiss"-  SAVHDA JVHT(1) - PRT - NHT(1)

Hips A1:A1, Lupoid Dermatosis non-carrier, SAVA Eye Certificate G0304

(Bhulisa Ulrich “Strike” NHT(3)  x  Gamehunters Mithral  “Silver”)

Taita II has a Prize 2 in the SAVHDA Novice Hunting Test and has field trial placements in HPR Derby and Maiden Stakes, as well as awards in British Breed Championship Stakes. Taita II was finding, pointing, backing and retrieving shot birds from 6 months of age, and developed early with minimal input. He adjusts well to a variety of environments and species and has an excellent nose. He is a Show Champion as well. 

Edelweiss earned a Prize I in the SAVHDA Junior Versatile Hunting Test and a Pass in the Preliminary Retrieving Test at 1 year of age. She also passed the Novice Hunting Test this year with a Prize 1. She has a lot of drive but is very biddable, with a sweet, quiet temperament. Her nose and bird finding is superb like her dam’s and she hunts hard like her sire with a wide range in open conditions but able to adjust when closer range is required.

Both Taita II and Edelweiss are healthy GSPs and are well-adjusted house dogs, with excellent hips and clear eyes and  for Lupoid Dermatosis. They combine an outstanding pedigree of proven local dogs and imported semen from some of the top bloodlines and legendary dogs in the USA!
Litter Pedigree...


Since 1993 we have selectively bred a number of quality German Shortaired Pointer litters, approximately one a year. Some of our key litters are listed below:
  • October 2016 - SIRE: FT Ch and Sh Ch Bhulisa Busch (Stuka)  x  Dam: Bhulisa Stormberg (Eva)  Litter pedigree

  • July 2015 - SIRE: Bhulisa Urich (Strike)  x  Dam: Gamehunters Mithral of Bhulisa (Silver)  Litter pedigree

  • November 2013 - SIRE:  DC/AFC (USA) Trekker v Grunbaum (Imported semen) x  DAM: Bhulisa Lemm (KC)  Litter pedigree

  • April 2013 - SIRE: Dexter Snips Whiskey (Imported USA)  x  DAM: Bhulisa Stormberg (Eva) Litter pedigree

  • September 2011 (Imported Semen) - SIRE: FC AFC (USA) Cadens Coupe Deville (Cooper) x DAM: Bhulisa Masai Mara (Lola) Litter Pedigree

  • August 2012 - SIRE: Brysons Bhulisa Hun (Attila - Imported USA)  x DAM: Bhulisa Vallkyrie (Storm) Litter Pedigree

  • November 2009 - SIRE: Bhulisa Taita x  DAM: Bhulisa Serengeti  . Litter Pedigree

  • October 2008 - SIRE: Bhulisa Okavango x  DAM: : Bhulisa Masai Mara NA HD 0:0 Litter Pedigree

  • October 2007 (Imported Semen) - SIRE: FC AFC (USA) Cadens Coupe Deville  x DAM: Bhulisa Serengeti NA HD 0:0 Litter Pedigree

  • December 2006 (Imported Semen) - SIRE: FC & 3x NSTRA FCH (USA) Gambles Odyssey Fritz MH UT II  x  DAM: CH Bhulisa Trekkers Legacy NAC HD 0:0 - Litter Pedigree

  • December 2004 - SIRE:  Bhulisa Great Kei NA HD 0:0 x DAM: CH Von Hainholz Mesquite of Bhulisa NA HD 0:0 (imp USA) - Kei and Skeet complemented one another to produce outstanding GSPs with natural abilities, biddability and bird sense. We think we were right on the mark with this breeding. Litter Pedigree

  • April 2003 -SIRE: Bhulisa Sirocco NA S(1) x  DAM: CH Von Hainholz Mesquite of Bhulisa NA HD 0:0 (imp USA) - We were expecting versatility, drive and nose in this litter and were not disappointed! Litter Pedigree

  • April 2003 (Imported Semen) - SIRE:  DC/AFC (USA) Bodo vom Waldrand MH  x DAM: CH Bhulisa Trekkers Legacy NAC HD 0:0 - This litter was planned to produce high quality versatile GSPs with drive and excellent field skills. This litter will form a significant component of our future breeding and will make its mark in the years to come. Litter Pedigree

  • March 2001 - SIRE: Jagblits Jakkals NA x  DAM: CH Bhulisa Trekkers Legacy NAC HD 0:0 - This litter produced some excellent GSPs, a number of which have gone on to make their mark in field trials and in diverse breeding programmes. Litter Pedigree

  • December 1997 (Imported Semen) - SIRE: DC/AFC (USA) Trekker V Grunbaum MH UDX TDX  x  DAM: CH Jagveld Katie of Bhulisa NA HD 0:0. Our first litter with imported frozen semen was extremely successful. All of the pups tested (6) passed the Natural Ability Test, and five of the pups have Field Trial awards in HPR (retrieving) and/or Pointer/Setter trials ranging from Puppy stakes to Open stake wins. Libby NA (Field Trial Winner), Flight (#1 GSP Field Trials 2004), Jimbhu NA (Field trial awards), Luska NA, Irma NA, Guzzy NA - Litter Pedigree