• BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers
  • BHULISA - German Shorthaired Pointers

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Details Railway Rebel of Bhulisa

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Call name: Rebel
Registered Name: Railway Rebel of Bhulisa
Breeder: Gene Casale
Owner: Bob Winter
Date of birth: 11-06-2006
Gender: M
Click here for 4 Generation Pedigree
Information: I imported Rebel from Railway Kennel owned by Gene Casale, that grand old gentleman and icon of English Pointers in the USA.  Rebel’s Grandfather was the famous F T Ch Guard Rail who was inducted to the American Field Hall of Fame in 1986 http://www.strideaway.com/strideaway/index.php?/archives/143-Memories-from-the-1979-National-Amateur-Pheasant-Shooting-Dog-Championship.html.

Six times Champion Guard Rail was probably the most pre-potent sire in the history of the breed in America. Bob Wehle recognized Guard Rail's prepotency and bred Elhew Round About to him which produced Elhew Kiwi, considered by many to be Elhew Kennel's all time best producing female. Elhew Snakefoot, that most famous of all Elhew Pointers bred by Wehle, was also a Guard Rail grandson. Rail Dancer, Rebel’s father by artificial insemination, has now out-produced Guard Rail to join his father in the top 3 Shooting Dog studs in America between 1982 and 1999 http://fieldtrialpointers.net/2000%20Shooting%20Dog%20Data.html

Aided in no small measure by a glass or two of good Cape red, I was extremely fortunate to have persuaded Gene to send me a pup from his bloodline. In the end Gene finally and very graciously sent me his pick of Rebel’s litter. It took a long time for Rebel's "penny" to drop, but when it did, it made every bit of effort incredibly worthwhile. Rebel is still a young dog, but he has demonstrated without a shadow of doubt that he has all the qualities I went looking for - he is a decent looking Pointer with big run, attitude, a fantastic work ethis and a truly great nose.

These qualities have also clearly proved themselves to be embedded in his genes - he has already bred very well. I have been extrememly privileged to have been able to put Rebel to four outstanding bitches - Thank you Johnno Miller, Francois Breedt and Alan Harvey. Reble's daughter Kola qualified as a Championship dog at 7 months, placed third in our 2013 National Championship at 17 months and is the 2014 Border and Natal Champion at just under 2 1/2 year of age. Congratulations and thenk you Johnno Miller! I feel that Rebel has already delivered everthing I could ever have realistically hoped for when I imported him. For that I am indebted to Gene Casale and Rebel's puppy owners, who at such an early stage are already making this an epic voyage. Thank you all - this has turned into a real fun space to watch!
Last update  11-12-2014